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Every year, on May 5th to be exact, the consumption of avocados breaks records of popularity on the Mexican Cinco de Mayo festival. In Central America, it has been worshipped for centuries - the Aztecs named it the butter of the wilderness, the Incas believed it had an impact on love. The avocado, due to its rough, dark green peel called alligator pear, came to Europe in the 17th century. Today, the world goes crazy about it. It is suitable for eating raw - and light green oil pressed from its fruits has extraordinary properties.

Avocado oil due to its regenerating moisturizing and nourishing properties is especially recommended for the care of dry and dehydrated skin, mature with signs of aging, damaged skin. Because it absorbs quickly, does not clog pores, and shows soothing properties recommended for skin with acne, eczema, and psoriasis.


  • this oil is non-allergenic - suitable for sensitive skin care - enrich your favorite moisturizer, body lotion or serum immediately before use
  • pure oil can be used as a deeply relaxing massage oil
  • use the oil as an additive to masks and scrubs powder
  • apply the product directly to the hair, wrap it in a towel, leave for half an hour and wash the hair as usual; this treatment will strengthen dry, weakened, and falling out hair
  • massage a portion of the oil into dry hands, cuticles, and nails - the vitamins contained in the oil will penetrate deeply into the skin, which will remain nourished and moisturized
  • applied under the eyes will reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes, improve skin elasticity in this delicate area of our face

INGREDIENTS: Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Unrefined cold-pressed oil 100% Organic, Organic certification


After opening the package, we recommend storing the oil in the fridge.


1x Avocado Oil 30ml

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