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Plant named Opuntia ficus-indica for Aztecs was holiness. Europeans appreciate its qualities too. This huge cactus produces small seeds from which is pumped valuable oil. Precious literally and figuratively – it’s the most expensive oil in the world.


Production of a liter of the product requires the collection of a half-ton (more than a million pieces!) seeds. Although this fact the opuntia oil has gained thousands of followers around the world, called by them as 'botox in a bottle'.


How to use it?

● use as an additive to your favorite face cream or use two drops in skin’s message – it will reduce and smooth wrinkles,

● in the case of use by people with oily skin will prevent excessive secretion of sebum,

● used systematically protect our skin from UV rays, climatic factors, abrasions, and even cigarette smoke,

● it perfectly copes with skin damaged by scars or pigmentation spots – oil will repay scars and align skin color,

● enrich your fav body lotion with a few drops of oil – you’re going to deeply moisturize your dry skin,

● use this oil as a hair tip moisturizing cosmetic, it will give them softness and glow,

● if you are struggling with brittle nails, strengthen them by applying a layer of oil by the night,

● mix a few drops of oil with sweet almond oil, heat in your hands, and enjoy a relaxing massage oil,

● use as a hair mask - apply a small amount of oil, leave on for 20 minutes covering the strands with a towel, then wash hair as usual and enjoy the shiny, healthy hair.


INCI: Opuntia Ficus Indica Seed Oil Cold pressed, unrefined, 100% organic oil.


The rules of storage:
An open bottle of oil should be stored in a dry, dark place, preferably in the fridge.


Packaging: 30ml

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