Color :
Rose Quarz-Gold
Rose Quarz-Rose Flower-Rose Gold
Rose Quarz-Green Flowers-Gold

Rose Quartz is called the "stone of love". In this case, "love" does not only mean the feeling of connecting two loving people, but also refers to good relations with oneself, other people and the generally understood nature (the universe). The pink color of quartz creates a very expansive energy field that affects compassion, selflessness, altruism, and readiness to give and receive unconditional love. It helps people who have difficulty trusting others or who carry resentment, guilt or fear as a result of past experiences.

Rose Quartz helps build harmonious and full relationships with other people and nature. Thanks to his energy, we see the real intentions of other people, become empathetic and appreciate beauty in the smallest things or events. In addition, and most importantly - we can read our own feelings flawlessly by recognizing our emotional state, which, unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult for us to identify ourselves (whether it is love or infatuation, whether to change my job or attitude towards the current boss, whether I am willing to risk or need more time? for changes ... etc.). Simply put - we make decisions easier because we know and feel what is the best solution for us in a given situation. Our positive attitude towards the environment is reciprocated - good energy comes back to us multiplied, attracting positive people and good events.

Roller Features:

• stimulates collagen synthesis

• reduces swelling

• firms the skin

• improves blood circulation

• reduces puffiness around the eyes and eyelids


We start the massage each time from the upper parts of the face, gradually descending in the direction of the arrows - Figure 1, pressing with moderate force.

It is a very gentle massage that you can do every day. Regular use provides a natural face lift.

This massage should last from 5 to 10 minutes.


Rose Quartz according to alternative medicine:

• It soothes all heart, circulatory system and blood circulation problems.

• Supports the immune system (disease resistance).

• It improves memory and eliminates lethargy.

• Relieves inner anxiety, stress and nervousness.

• Promotes fertility.

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