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A specialized serum that regenerates the skin structure in the form of a rich milk emulsion, with 1% ceramides of type 3 and 6, 3% natural vitamin E, 2% prebiotic, rosehip and borage oil. It provides multidirectional nourishing effect and, like a compress, regenerates the stratum corneum and strengthens the skin's lipid barrier. Intended for day and night use.


• Ceramides, naturally present in the stratum corneum, are often referred to as intercellular cement. These are the necessary active ingredients in the daily care of all skin types, especially recommended for those that are dry, mature or prone to irritation. They rebuild the lipid barrier, moisturize, regenerate and protect the epidermis against water loss. They create a protective barrier of the skin, thanks to which it is more effectively protected against the harmful effects of external factors. In addition, they soothe irritations and slow down the appearance of the first signs of skin aging. They contribute to the maintenance of youthful skin elasticity and its healthy appearance.

• Natural vitamin E, as an effective antioxidant, slows down the aging process and has the ability to reduce damage to the skin structure.

• Rosehip oil effectively protects the epidermis against moisture loss, makes it smooth and elastic. It also has antioxidant properties that protect against free radicals.

• Borage oil, rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, nourishes the skin, supporting its regeneration and soothing irritation.

• The prebiotic present in the serum cares for the skin microbiome, which is a natural protective coat.


• Rebuilt skin hydro-lipid barrier

• Visibly improved skin structure and elasticity, restored elasticity

• Deeply moisturized and nourished skin

• Reduced irritation

• Regenerated epidermis

• Reduced discomfort caused by skin tightening


• normal, dry and very dry

• sensitive

• prone to irritation

• with a disturbed hydrolipid barrier

• in need of relief

• with the first signs of skin aging

• with wrinkles or mature

• atopic

• with isotretinoin / retinol treatments, after acid treatments

• very dry, with hormonal disorders (Hashimoto)

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